P4 thermal paste on Athlon XP ?

My first post !!
I currently have two systems in my home ( same room actually), the primary as u would say is a P III 866 and the other which i like to use is a duron 800 on VIA KT133 chipset Matsonic board.
Anyways, i want to upgrade my P III to an Athlon XP 1700+/1800+ to rid my house of Intel ( muhahahaha ! ).

Here in Lebanon Intel is dominating, only one company imports soltek boards along with AMD cpu's. So, you dont find HSF's with thermal paste as the P4's cooler comes with it.

I wanna get an MSI KT266 Pro2-RU and the AXP with the biggest baddest HSF I can find. But for thermal paste , i was thinking of going to a computer assembly company i know (brand-name computers are found here but assembled computers sell the most) and ask them to save me a few drops of thermal paste from some boxed P4's so that i can apply them all at once on the athlon.

Will that work ? is it appropriate ?
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  1. Thermal paste is thermal paste. I think it will work fine, if you don't use too much. One small dab on the cpu core, then spread it with a credit card to a thin even layer.
  2. the way i see it...thermal paste is thermal paste...they all work the same way (more or less).
    if im wrong...please let me know...otherwise....go forth and apply all the P4 thermal paste on that athlon xp

    :mad: <A HREF="http://gamershq.madonion.com/compare2k1.shtml?2096468" target="_new">P4 + SDRAM</A> = <b>BAD</b> :mad:
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