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Does anyone know the specs on the HS and Fan that comes with the retail Athlon XP? Is it any good? Who makes it for AMD?

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  1. Last we knew, it was some model of Taisol HSF. The brand and model might have changed since then.

    Generally the retail HSF is fine if you don't plan to overclock (and sometimes even if you do).

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  2. I've heard that they use Swiftechs too. I just bought a retail XP 1700+. There's no markings that I can see on the HS/fan to show who made it.

    I don't know whether to use the retail fan or the thermaltake I already have. The retail fan is MUCH quieter than the thermaltake. I'm sure the thermaltake would cool it a little better, but I'm think the retail fan will be fine since I won't be OCing. They wouldn't include it with the processor if it didn't cool it sufficiently, right?

    I wonder if the retail 3 year AMD warranty would be voided if you use a third-party fan and then it dies and kills the CPU?

    Thanks for the info.

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  3. If your HS is a big block of alluminium then it is most likely to be manufactured by CoolerMaster

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  4. Big block of aluminum with a really shallow fan assembly.

    I actually answered my own question. I tried the retail HSF, and then tried a volcano 6cu. The volcano 6cu is about 5-6 degrees C cooler under full load, and about 8-10 degrees cooler idle.

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