Bypassing windows 7 username and password acer aspire 5215

Hi, I have a slight problem
I set the password on my acer aspire 5315, but don't know how to get back in. Here's the catch, I remember the password, but not the user name, i believe...duh!
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    What AntiZig suggested is for the BIOS... You are trying to gain access to Windows, a whole different process..

    Download the Vista version of the program I listed in the link. After downloading it use an ISO burner ( if you don't already have one) and burn the file to a CD/DVD.
    After burning the file to the CD. Watch this to understand how to use it:

    Now you can try it for yourself.

    P.S. Don't worry about using the Windows Vista version with Windows 7, they're compatible.
  2. Thanks...I will give it a shot!!!
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