Blue screens dont know whats going on

so i built my own computer last week, all went well no explosions :)

however ive had repeated blue screens

it says its the hardrive/boot device so initally i ran diagnostics and checks on the hardrive and for all 5 times i did it nothing came up

having thoughts to if it could be the OS

i have used a free edition of windows 7 until i can afford a proper full edition

just wondering as to if any of you think it could be my OS that could perhaps not of installed completely as i dont wanna go through a wipe and reinstall for no effect

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  1. make sure the mb bios is up to date. with a lot of mb now there a lot of new cpu and ram and usb bug fixes for them. boot into your mb bios and on the first screen is the mb rev. then go to the mb vendor web page and look under bios files for your mb see if there are any new ones. most time if there are a few new ones you just have to download the last file. if it not a bios issue...use cpu-z and read your ram speed and look to see if it near the ram spec in the cpu-z spd tab. if the ram is running slower then rated speed and it and intel mb turn on xmp profile. if your mb is an asus mb make sure in the main bios screen your running the mb in standard mode not overclock mode. last thing to do is boot off of a memtest 86 boot disk and run it over night.
  2. What is a free edition of Windows 7? Do they give that away in stores??? .....
  3. well i know ive installed all the needed drivers and stuff and the speed on everything are fine . gonna go ahead with the wipe in the morning as it cant hurt :P only got a few games on here atm anyhow

    the windows 7 im using is a free edition disk that me and my friends have used about 6 times before, it basically is windows 7 basic and bugs you to buy it but atm i have it cracked as i did on my laptop , planning on upgrading to a proper version of windows 8 when i have the moneys

    if all fails ill reignite this thread, hoping that it all goes well i really do
  4. Hi :)

    NO support here for PIRACY...

    All the best Brett :)
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