I'm trying to reload my laptop. But i go thru with the eRecovery and it gets hung up at 16%. I made sure that D2D was enabled and still nothing. I am out of warranty support to getting a recovery cd from Acer is out and being a typical guy i never did a back up of my own. Yes I have searched Please help :fou:
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  1. the question is why are you reloading? wasnt booting into windows *before* or hanging ?

    have you checked for hardware faults?

    there are reasons why windows stops working, usually its NOT because of windows but the hardware its using
  2. I'm reloading because I am wanting to start over from scratch. I'm at a stand still now because I have started it and now i'm not able to do anything else with it.
  3. As long as the computer shipped with a valid copy of Windows 7 you may be able to fix it.

    You will have to use a separate computer and go to Digital River, found HERE , and download the corresponding ISO file that is appropriate to your computer.

    You should still be able to perform the reformat but you may have to download the drivers, etc. from Acer's support site.

    If the product key attached to the computer is invalid or black-listed, the ISO will not install correctly.

    I would recommend creating a Hirens Boot CD and utilize some of the options available to run a HDD diagnostic on the hard drive of your computer because with it hanging at that percentage usually indicates potential damage to the internal components of some sort since it was booting from the hidden partition which is normally at the beginning of the drive itself.
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