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ASUS G50vt won't turn on

Hey guys, the other day my ASUS laptop turned off while playing DotA and now it won't turn on. I bought this laptop refurbished about a year ago so it is no longer under warranty. A few sidenotes: the laptop had turned off on its own a couple times while I have owned it, so maybe not in the best condition.

Here is what I have tried: I have swapped the power adapter so that is not the case. Also, the laptop has no lights whatsoever when plugged into the adapter. The adapter also has a green light when it is plugged into a wall socket without being plugged into the laptop, but right when i plug it into the laptop, the green light disappears.

I have tried taking out the battery and resetting by holding the power button for 30 sec, has not worked. Is there a diagnosis I can get for the laptop and do you think it is worth fixing or should I just sell on eBay for parts. ASUS said they would give me a free diagnosis if I shipped the laptop to them and paid for return shipping as well.

Thanks guys
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  1. What do you mean you swapped the adapter? that isnt a good idea to use an adapter from either the same or different company because of the different voltages laptops use. It may have caused your laptop to fry if you used a different adapter in it than what the original one uses.
  2. My friend has the same laptop and I borrowed his charger to make sure my charger wasn't broken. However my laptop problem started before that and doing that hasn't had any other consequences to my knowledge.
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    As long as the voltage and amperage outputs are the same as the original adapter (it will give these values on the brick part of the adapter), and the plug fits into the AC socket on the unit, it doesn't matter what brand you use.

    Given that the LED in the power adapter turns off when you plug it into the laptop, you're probably looking at a dead unit. Unless you know someone that can actually take the whole unit apart and figure out where the problem is, you're better off getting a new laptop.
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  5. I had a similar problem with a 2 year Old G50VT-X5.

    There was a burning scent in the air, and the laptop continued to run on battery. When I plugged in the AC adapter, the whole thing turned off , and refused to start if the powerplug was in. The only way to start the comp was to remove the Power plug, remove the battery and reinsert it.

    Sent it for repair, turns out the motherboard was completely fried, and they had to replace it. Got it back now and its all good, but be wary, that the replacement Mobo costs around 250 USD + repair costs and shipment. If it is worth it for you you should do it. For all other users ... buy a notebook cooler, as it can save this comp
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