Replacement DVD drive for a Dell 1520

Whats a good replacement DVD slim drive for a dell 1520?
I also have to switch bezels because there is a cutout on mine for the micro disc port.
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  1. Are you looking to replace it or upgrade it? You can get many notebook parts cheaply from
  2. Are these drives standard slim type? wont any brand work if i switch the bezel
    I would like a new drive preferably. Is there a list or catalog that show compatible models?
  3. That site will give you refurbished or new parts that are compatible with your given model. No, any brand will not work if you just switch the bezel. This might be so in the desktop world, but DVD drives take on many shapes, forms, and sizes in notebooks. Very few are interchangable. The drives may not be new, but they do have warranties - you can get a new one from Dell, though, likely for several times the cost.
  4. Im not sure about the bezel but i think these guys have an optical drive that might work for your system. Hope this helps a little good luck ;)
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