The real question: Which one would you buy?

Everyone is making their thanks to the Academy, their family, and to Intel, but which one would you buy now? The AXP or the Northwood? Personally I'd wait for the 133Mhz FSB Northwood to come out in a couple months before jumping on the Intel bandwagon again.

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  1. AXP, simiply because I would not like to pay more for a processor than a graphics card.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  2. well if i had the money the northwood just cause it's better right now, IF i had the money i said. but since im not a spoiled rich bastard, the AXP is my choice and i would recommend it to the rest of my friends.

    more bang for thy buck gives me better benches then matisaro ;)
  3. AXP, simiply because I would not like to pay more for a processor than a cpu+mobo+ram.

    [insert philosophical statement here]
  4. AMD all the way.
    And besides, isn't 400MHZ FSB impressive? It just didn't come out right with the P4's bad performance before, so basically it ain't impressive anymore. I dunno but 533MHZ FSB is simply more ways to try to cover up the inside that is low-performing. And only bandwidth applications would really benefit, right?
    I dunno about you, but I ain't going on the Intel wagon for a good while until they figure out how AMD thinks.

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  5. I have no reservation about getting an AXP. Quite please with the results from building my own system with an Athlon 1800+. This year should be a good year for AMD now that there are chipsets that does the Athlon justice. This nForce motherboard I'm using is terrific! I'm looking forward to see what AMD has in store in future core revisions.
  6. seems pretty unanimous... personally i wouldnt get either, theyre fast, sure but as soon as you get one its outdated. id wait for the thoroughbred, but then id wait for the next gen thoroughbred, they the thoroughbred XP... im happy with my athlon 800 o'ced to 945, i mean, who the HELL needs 280 fps in quake 3?

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
  7. Now is no better time to buy a processor based on what you are going to use the machine for though.

    Allthough the P4 2.2 Ghz has an overall 5% lead over the AXP 2000+, it lacks in certain tasks that might be important to a buyer. That combined with the price difference keeps each very competitive.

    I hesitate to say one is better than the other overall. It really depends on what you do.

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  8. AthlonMP, simply because (a) AMD still rules for dual procs, and (b) Northwood still gets smacked down in compile jobs. Compile jobs are my bread and butter. :tongue:

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  9. A 1900 xp will perform about the same as the p4 2.0a for half the price. I won't go back to Intel unless they unlock the multiplier or lower prices.
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