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Hello all. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with laptop touchpads. The story so far is this. Someone brought me an old laptop they had. It had been in the closet for awhile because their young child dropped it and it no longer worked. After tinkering with it I discovered it still functions though I've had to replace a few parts... (Screen, inverter, hard drive, keyboard and touchpad...)

Anyway, I've purchased a used touchpad from a company and it isn't working either. (no worries there. they warranty their parts) I've tested the connection by unplugging the touchpad and starting the laptop. Windows does recognize the device being connected/unconnected. I also updated the drivers from the ones Toshiba provides for the laptop to a more current version from the manufacturer. I'm at a loss as what to next. I'm in the process of returning the touchpad I purchased.

Do you all have any ideas about what I should look at next? I don't have the ability to test the touchpad I have to be able to eliminate that as the culprit. If the touchpad is not the issue then where should I look next to try and fix this thing. I've put about $70-80 dollars into the laptop and I'd like not to have wasted my money. Ideas?
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  1. If you find next touchpad you get is giving you the same symptoms, take a look at the cable. Check the leads for damage. Look at the connector on the motherboard - is it or it's pins bent or broken? I know sometimes they can be quite small, so use a magnifying glass if you have to. Past that there's not much you can do other than assume the board is damaged and replace that too.
  2. Thanks for your input. The company is sending me another touchpad next week. I'll get back to then and let you know how is goes.

    Well I installed the replacement touchpad with the same results. :( Sigh, when I have the time I'll dig up my magnifying glass but I don't see how the pins on the motherboard could be damaged. I'm more inclined to think that when it was dropped a connection was damaged somewhere. Or the board cracked...

    This laptop was given to me FUBAR and so far its been a good learning experience. I'm just not interested in spending more money and time in replacing the motherboard so I can get the touchpad to work. I think my girlfriend can live with a travel mouse. And if not I'll have a laptop for myself.

    Thanks again for your help.
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