How to change german windows 7 to english

My Laptop Sony Vaio came with a pre-installed German version of Windows 7 Home edition. Can I upgrade the system with Windows 7 Ultimate to achive an English spoken OS?
Thanks for your help twinsbc[at]
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  1. Yes, you can.
    Go to Windows Anytime Upgrade (Click start and type it in).
    Click on Go Online.
    Once the page is loaded, select Windows 7 Ultimate.
    Next you need to fill out the billing, the paying, and a few other steps before your able to get the upgrade.
    Install the upgrade, then one you boot into Windows 7 Ultimate, follow the steps on this website:
  2. Thank you for your fast reply. Unfortunately there is no bottom "install/uninstall languages" under TAB Keyboards and Languages. It seems that Sony has crippled Windows 7.
    I have a Windows 7 Ultimate installation CD. Could I use this for an upgrade while just installing it over the present OS?
  3. You have to update Windows.
    Go to Windows Update and download the MUI.

    You could use it in a sense as an upgrade. It will replace the OS. And leave the files. But I'm not sure what will happen to your Settings and programs.
  4. Windows is already updated. The language pack comes down as '' file and since the "install/uninstall language" switch is missing, cannot be used. So the only way is to use my Windows 7 Ultimate CD.
    I found another way via command prompt, but I am not sure it will work:
    1:extract the cab-file
    2:Open command prompt
    and type:
    DISM /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:""

    for example c:\download\

    Any suggestion
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