Improve clarity of webcam in dell inspiron n5010

Am havin dell inspiron 15R model.. Win 7-64 bit OS with integrtaed Dell webcam central.. but the picture quality of the webcam is really poor.. wat can i do to improve it?
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  1. You can't improve the quality of a webcam.
    But there are a few general tips:

    Is the video dim? - There isn't enough light in your room. Try turning on more lights, or move to an area where there is more light.

    Is your image dim? - This could be caused by having a bright light source behind you. The camera adjusts its sensitivity to the background instead of you. Try positioning yourself so the light source is in front of you.

    Is your video grainy? - While this could be caused by a low quality camera, it can also be caused (or made worse) by not having enough light. To compensate for the lack of light, cameras often adjust their sensitivity which creates more grain or "noise" in the image. Try turning another light on, or sitting closer to and facing the light source.

    Is your video choppy? This can be caused by not having enough light in your room, but can also be caused by not having enough bandwidth. Try turning on more lights and if you still have the problem, read the section below on Bandwidth.

    Does the image look washed out? This is usually caused by a light that is too intense (example: having a light shine directly at your face). Try dimming the light, or reflecting the light off a light colored surface, like a white piece of paper on your desk
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