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Newbie here. I have a PII 500Mhz on an Abit BX6 rev2. I was thinking about upgrading the processor to a PIII, but I was wondering what is the fastest processor that would work with my mobo? Would getting a Slot1 to Socket370 adapter change the kind or speed of CPU I could get?

I realize that changing the mobo+CPU+memory to AMD would be more cost effective, but I'm looking for the simplest upgrade.

I appreciate your advice.
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  1. Dude, your getting a Dell.
  2. the slot2socket convertor wont do you much, as the bottleneck is the memory FSB, still it would cost less to buy one with FC-PGA(socket370).

    still for both long and short run a new mobo-CPU-memory is better choice for you.

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  3. i have the same board, and the fastest you can go is to the p-III 1g slot 1 either the 133, or 100 fsb. the limiting factor will if you have pc-133 memory.

    i have a p-III 1g that i was using for sale for 200.00, the reason its for sale, is i am upgrading to a p-4
  4. YOu can run the PIII 1000EB on your motherboard at 7.5x133, provided you have PC133 memory and a fairly recent video card. You can use a slotket if unable to find the Slot 1 version. The FC-PGA PIII 1000EB goes for around $130, the slotket for around $10, and a good cooler for around $10.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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