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I get this error about once every couple of days, noramally when playing games. It's a blue secreen error message that says:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computer.
***STOP:0X0000007F (0X0000000D,OX00000000,OX00000000,OX00000000)

I've read a few articles & it seems this may well be down to a driver. One comment said "Compare the forth parameter with the base addresses of the drivers in the driver table, to find out which driver is causing the problem."

If this sounds correct, how do I do what it suggests, being of limited inteligence.

thanks for any help,


System Spec:
Gigabyte GA-7DXR (F9 Bios)
AMD 1.4 266 Thunderbird
512 PC2100 DDr
Seagate 60g Barracuda 4
Creative GeForce 2 GTS ( Nvidia Drivers)
Creative Audigy DE
Plextor 40x12x40 CDR
Toshiba DVD/CD
LS120 Drive
Motorola 4100 Cable modem (V2.1 Drivers)
Network card (disabled)
Win XP Home
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  1. well, the 4th address is 0 so thats a dead end. Are there any file names following the string you posted? Many times it's the first one.

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  2. Just got it again & this time it said:


    ***STOP:0X00000050 (0X814E23A2,OX00000000,OX814E23A2,OX00000002)

    There seems to be about 4 different blue screen error messages that I get. I'll post the others when they come up. One mentions IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL_TO_ZERO.

    Is this enough info for someone to guess as to what's going on?

    Thanks for any help,

  3. not sure, But is that a Memory Error?

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    80gb Maxtor
    Lian-Li PC-60
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    LeadTek GeForce 4 Ti4200 w/vivo 128mb 8x
    Hitachi CML174
    1 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 Cas2
  4. I don't know. Do you think it may be dodgy RAM? Thing is, from what I've read, it could just be a dodgy driver. Are there any tests you can do?
  5. Ok, what was the last piece of hardware or software you installed, try un-installing that and so on until you find it. Some clues may be found in system manager in event viewer and also task manager can indicate where a lot of recources are going.

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  6. It seems to me that a software is trying to access the memory at places that it should not. Sometimes this happens when the software is badly coded. Are you running dubious software? I.e. non commercial software.

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  7. The main piece of sofware that causes the problems is Battlefield 1942, though Counter-Strike also causes errors sometimes.

    The last bits of hardware I installed were an Audigy DE soundcard & a Plextor CDR.

    If I had to guess when all this started happening, it was more likely to be after installing service pack 1 for XP home. I only haven't uninstalled this as it says I will need to install everything installed after the service pack again, after removing the service pack, did anyone understand that last sentence?

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