Gta1 in windows 7 dont work

i installed gta 1 in my windows 7 and it didn't work. could you please help me?/
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  1. Give us some more info.

    I downloaded my free copy from the rockstar website, a few months back. Installed and works perfectly.

    Have you tried compatibilty mode?
  2. thanks again. but what do you mean by tried compatibity mode.
    my system configuration is ok . and i download the torrent file form from net. it work in my labtop but it didn't work to my desktop while both of them are the same nearly.
  3. Whoa! Torrent? You mean you pirated it (although I guess it can't be pirated when you can get it for free from Rockstar).

    I wouldn't trust the torrent version. It might even have a virus in it. Go to Rockstar's site and download it from there. I think the torrent is possibly why it won't work.

    Get the official free version from Rockstar and that should hopefully fix your problems. Talking about obtaining programs from torrents which results in pirating is not condoned here.
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