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Can't get non-microsoft-wireless card to talkt to base sta..

a b F Wireless
a b D Laptop
December 18, 2004 11:57:20 PM

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I am kind of frustrated. I hooked up our base station,
works fine. I hooked up the microsoft wireless card on our
one laptop. That works fine too. (using wep 128 bit
encryption). Chose mixed for the base station (b and g).

Now comes the headache. I have a wireless b card i put in
our other laptop. it is functioning fine--lights are on,
diagnositcs show it working. It can "see" the network when
it scans. (So yes, the SSIDs match, as does the channel
and encryption). However--I am not on the network. that
laptop can't see the other computers (nor can it see them)
and I can't get online. I've checked every setting i can
think of to check, rebooted, retyped the WEP code, etc. I
don't know what else to check.

Base station is running XP. both laptops are running
2000Pro. as i said, the one laptop (with the microsoft G
card) works great. The other (non-microsoft B card) sees
the network (home) but doesn't connect. Ideas??

please email me at busymomtotwins at gmail dot com.
Thank you.

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