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I have a new Asus Netbook and the clock was at some process connected to Win Updater. Had to reset clock and calendar on start. Fixed now.
After I save my stuff to a disk, how do I do a clean install? Will the netbook disk get me thru it?
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  1. What's the purpose of the clean install?
  2. Woke up this morning and the stupid calendar and clock had reset to 2001. Thought the Best Buy tech had cured the problem. Should I take it out in the driveway and run over it?
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    That almost sounds like a bad CMOS motherboard battery. Not the big battery on the back, a tiny round battery usually fastened to the motherboard.
    I'm not sure netbooks have those but the symptom of forgetting time and date sounds like they might.
    If that is the problem a clean install won't fix it.
  4. I'm taking it back to Best Buy in the next day or so with your recommend. Thanks Vet. I'd love to get this hoop gone!!!
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  6. The Best Buy guys said they've been seeing quite a few Asus netbooks and laptops with this problem. It also 'blanks out' and goes either to the desktop or to some other Win program on its own. We thought we were hitting a key inadvertantly. It doesn't save what you were doing. Best Buy had to send it in to get fixed. That's 4 weeks without...good thing we have an extra laptop. Good thing it's still under warranty, too. I'm glad you got to the heart of the matter, Veteran. Another trip to complain and I'd have thrown it on the floor...and I'm not a violent person.
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