Why does my dvd rw only recognize itself as a cd rom

i hav a pioneer dvr 111dbk and nero 7 the bios recognized it but windows 7 only sees it as a cd rom drive
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  1. ryanhayes3 said:
    nero 7
    Nero 7 is not supported in Windows 7.
    Are you sure its not Nero7 that sees a CDROM drive?

    From Start button, choose Computer. Under Devices with Removable Storage you'll see your DVD drive letter.
    Showing as CDROM only there? Right click on the DVD drive and check through it's properties.
  2. The official line from nero is to use Nero 9 with Win 7.

    However, Nero 7 works just fine.
    Have been using it myself since it came out on Windows 7 64bit pro.
    And before that on Vista 64bit pro.
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