Netbook battery not charging fully

Less than a year old. Only charging to 80%. Emachines 250
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  1. This is fairly typical for cheaper batteries. Did you use the battery rigorously over the single year?
  2. Detect whether it is the fault of Battery or charger using compatible notebook battery and chargers(Same voltage and size);
    Make sure all cables are properly connected;
    Make sure the battery for battery is not dying, Lithium ion battery has limited battery charge-discharge cycles of 500 times also, Getting our cheap replacement battery save your time and money a lot.
    If you want to get a new battery, then I suggest .
  3. There are newer li-ion cells that have been developed that retain 70% of there charge even after 500 charges. The cells are made by Panasonic (NNP type) and also have very high capacities as well 5800 mAh vs 4400 mAh for the same 6 cell laptop battery. Its a win win and is an upgrade for most laptops that have poor battery life. Some examples of these advanced laptop batteries are at
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