Heeeellllpp mmeeeee i need a DirectX 9 video card

Hello, i was tyring to play a game and it said DirectX 9 video card required can i down oad whatever thet is for free?
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  1. What is your laptop model?
    It may be a compatibility problem software wise.
  2. It sounds like you have an old laptop that does not have a DirectX 9 compatible video card. There is nothing you can do about it since if the game specifically requires a DX9 video card. In addition to having DX9 software installed on your laptop, the video card itself must have the internal electronics to run DX9.
  3. That's probably right jaguarskx... But remember, that's not always the case... I get that error sometimes with my 5870m...
    The fix is usually right clicking the game/program and making it run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP 2 or 3...
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