Is the AMD K6-3+ Upgrade worth it?


I have a Compaq Presario 1694 notebook.

The DVD playback is bad.

It has a AMD K6-2 450 processor.

If I bought a AMD K6-3+ 450, and upgraded it to 600 Mhz, would it play DVD nicely?

Or is the laptop plain too slow to play DVDs?

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  1. My desktop K63 400 would overclock to 475, but 450 was best since it did crash a couple of times at 475 even with an Alpha/Delta HSF. I could be wrong about the k63+ "mobile" versions but I don't think you will get 600 or anything close to that. The desktop 450's could barely get 500 if I remember correctly. Also, you're talking laptop so battery drain and more heat would be a bigger problem than a desktop. I would guess you would only see a small improvement due to L3 cache and a small (~50MHz) oc'ing.
  2. First of all you can´t upgrade the processor on that type of notebook. Second, the DVD playback is mostly about the performanceof the video chip and RAM, not the system processor. You can´t upgrade any of these components on that type of notebook!
  3. The K6 III+ will hit 600 most of the time, that's usually the limit tho, I'm not sure you'll be able to pull it off in a laptop.
    Your laptop came with DVD but it doesn't play them properly now?

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  4. Thanks everyone for replying!

    I know that the processor in this notebook can be upgraded. It has a Super7 socket. In fact, someone on eBay a year ago was selling Presario 1694s overclocked to 600 Mhz with a K6-3+ CPU.

    The DVD playback using Power DVD and no extra features like Dolby, or Video effects, is OK. But, if I try to enable Dolby Headphone, it is very slow. That would seem to be a processing problem.

    Also, would I get a boost my upgrading my RAM from 128 to 192 MB?

    And, when I used Sandra 2001, the disk drive, hard drive, and cpu matched the refrence specs, but the memory bandwidth was only 104MB/s. Isn't this really slow for a Alladin 5 chipset?

    Also, I have DMA enabled on the hard drive, but the dVD drive is only PIO mode. Is this good enough?

    Thanks for all your help!
  5. I'd try it. I think the fastest speed K6-3+ I've seen was a 550.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. I've got a AMD K6-II 366 desktop which I'm going to try to upgrade to a K6-III 450, just bought the chip at ebay for $48. Its sounds like you may have done just such an upgrade before and I'm wondering if I can fire a question off to you if I run into problems. I've got to review my motherboard docs to see if I'm messing with jumpers etc... still...
  7. Actually, I've seen somewhere in the net a message by a guy pretending to have an overclocked K6-2 450@600. It is possible, but... It will be hard to do it.
    Anyway, K6III running @ 450 MHz or overclocked @ 500 may play fine DVDs but only with a good videocard.
    Most of the older laptop VGAs are just integrated graphic chip which uses the system memory instead of having its own. This is the reason you won't watch nice DVD picture if your video chip is slow. By the way, I have a friend who has a desktop K6-2@450MHz with Ati Xpert 2000 that plays perfectly DVD@1024x768. Note that the ATi cards are the best for DVD of all standart video cards, and that he uses an AGP card with 32 MB RAM

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  8. um....DVD playback speed really doesn`t matter as long as u have more than 96MB of RAM. and 450MHz is enough for DVD playback. i`m guessing that the VGA might have problems.

    Be nice.
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