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I bought an AverTV Stereo card to put in my computer. After much fiddling with it, the TV part worked fine, but I could not get it to record or time-shift. I took it back and bought a Pinnacle Pro TV card.

I uninstalled the software and drivers for the Aver card, but when I rebooted, the Device Manager and a couple of other Windows features would not work. Using the restore feature brought back Windows and also the old Aver drivers and software. I got around this eventually by reinstalling Windows.

When I put the Pinnacle card in, Windows XP Pro detected the new hardware, but identified it as an Aver card and reinstalled the old drivers! I finally managed to install the Pinnacle software and update the Aver drivers for the audio and video capture, but cannot get rid of the Aver WDM drivers for the tuner and the crossbar.

The new TV card works and records, but there is an occasional glitch that I think is caused by the old drivers. I have disable them in Device Manager, but I would like to get rid of them. If I could find where Windows stores the drivers and was to delete them, when I restart Windows, it then should not be able to find the drivers and will ask for a disk...., or is that not a logical solution.

Any help would be appreciate, as I am definitely not a computer expert.

The computer is a Gateway 700XL, 3.06 ghz with 512 meg of RD ram, and an ATI 9700 Pro video card with 128 meg of memory.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Ok...before you do anything here, make sure to create another restore point.

    In the device manager you should find the device and then click properties. You should then see a tab for drivers, and then once in there another "properties" selection. This should give you a list of all the drivers this device is using. You can then use the windows Search function to find them. I would be careful about deleting them...maybe copy them to CD and then rename and move them and see what happens...

    I'm a little puzzled here tho...you said you did a reinstall of windows but they are still there. Was this a complete reformat and install of windows or just a "refresh/repair". If it was a complete reformat etc. then these drivers may actually be part of the windows package and consequently tough to get rid of...but I'm a little out of my element here so unsure exactly.

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