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5 XP workstations and 4 W7 workstations, all connect to the clients Siemens Soarain Financial's app through a Linux Proxi unit that host a Cisco anyconnect VPN. We switch over from VPN client everything worked. All PC's can connect to the Soarain login screen. XP using IE8 the W7 using IE9. they only support IE i tried others, they don't work.

Problem: 3 of the W7 workstations can NOT connect to the site after the login screen (https). Its just a blank white screen (http). if i put the s in, it will load. they are all set up the same. all the PC go to the unsecured site after login. i have check all of the setting in Internet options and compared them to the working W7unite they are the same. all the W7 unites are mirrors of each other pretty much. the only new program is the anyconnect VPN when we switch over to anyconnect.

since the othe PC have no problem it made me think of corrupted files some where. i wiped the HardDrive on one and did a complete reinstall but nothing change.

Question: what would stop 3 of the 4 W7 from loading the unsecured site when the other one loads fine.
i not sure if anyone else would have a set up like this, it is kind of a Frankenstein office. small business adding PC's when need most of the time they are never the same make or model, but stuff works.

I have done a clean boot, ran IE9 w/o add on's, uninstalled/re-installed IE9, safe mode w/ net working, compatibility mode, updated, altered the host file, restored, and nothing helped. pritty much ruled out any problem with Proxi. I'm lost. any ideas would be welcomed
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  1. did you try updating the network drivers? seems weird why some will connect and some wont. i know at my old school they had trouble with certain programs such as citrix using internet explorer 9 since it was not supported. did you happen to try and use IE 8 on all the computers?

    do they all have the same hardware etc?
    its weird how one of the W7 connects but the other 3 dont with the same settings. i would check device manager and see if somehow you are missing some drivers or something. my guess would have to be its IE9 and the network drivers need an update
  2. I have experienced similar issues in the past - usually around updates not being installed - and there is one update that installed that blocked certain websites, and you had to make "exception" rules for them to access it in IE 8/9. This was also true for accessing "UNKs" (i.e. \\server-1\share1\file.txt instead of x:\file.txt).

    To solve the problem, go to the trusted sites zone (Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security then click on Trusted Sites) Click the "sites" button, and add both the HTTP and HTTPS version of the pages you are loading. Because of expiring certificates, I would not check the box "Require server verification ( https: ) for all sites in this zone.
  3. 06yfz450ridr

    i checked the drivers and they are up to date. thanks for that idea.
    W7 won't let me load any version under 9. the install says that the OS doesn't support them.


    thanks for the response, but i already did that and just to humor you i removed them and then re-added them but nothing changed.
  4. One other suggestion - are the default gateway settings the same on all machines? The gateway (router/proxy server) could be blocking the traffic.
  5. ronintexas

    yes all gateway settings are the same
  6. i uninstalled IE9 and tried it with IE8 still get the same problem
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