"Play To" function for streaming media only results in errors


I'm trying to stream music and video files from my desktop computer to my home cinema receiver. Let's say I choose an mp3 file to play. I go to the folder and right-click on the file, then choose Play To. Both my TV ([TV]UE55ES6805) and my receiver (DENON:[AVR-3312]) are networked with a CAT6 cable to my router appear in the options. I click to play the file on my receiver. It then says "Please wait...contacting network device". The name of my receiver appears for a split second and then it immediately says "Device is not responding" and the file will not play. The same goes for the TV. If I go to my receiver and manually choose the mp3 file the networked devices menu (media server), it will play. The same with my TV. If I open Samsung AllShare on my desktop, all files will stream to either the TV or receiver. It is only this "Play To" function that won't work. The Network Map under Network and Sharing Center shows both devices on the network.

The funny thing is, I have a laptop also running Windows 7 and this same function on that works FLAWLESSLY. So I am going to assume it is not a problem with my HI-FI equipment, my router (Netgear R6300), Windows Firewall or my Avast! Antivirus software that is running on both computers. The function doesn't work when I disable both Windows Firewall and the antivirus on the desktop computer. I really need to figure this out and make it work from my desktop computer as all the media I want to stream is there, but I cannot figure it out after reading other posts about it on the internet or troubleshooting using the directions for a similar problem over at Microsoft support. I can use AllShare, but I find the interface cumbersome and it doesn't recognise track numbers so all the songs in an album get sorted alphabetically rather than by track.

Can someone help me out??
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  1. Try to ping the receiver. If taht works, start resmon.exe, goto the network tab and watch the connection to your receiver if ip packets are coming back. Depending on your network setup it might be a routing problem.
  2. I don't even need to ping it. When I go to the Network Map, it's there and connected. When I click on the DENON icon, it takes me to the web interface where I can control receiver from a web browser. I can adjust the volume and turn the different zones on and off, go into setup and change stuff, etc. When I go the extra step and ping it, it replies. I don't see how it would be a routing problem if the same feature on my laptop works fine.
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