Windows Update has messed up my Video driver

Hi, I am using a Dell laptop with Windows 7 and today I did Microsoft Update. I downloaded 12 updated (15th Feb), mostly for Microsoft.NET. However, when my computer restarted my video was messed up (Desktop icons [96 of them!] all jumbled and wrong resolution). Apparently this update changed my video driver from the original Intel one to a standard Windows driver. Now, when I go to display properties, the max resolution is 1076 x 800 instead of my usual 1260 x 1076 (not sure exactly of figures). After about two hours trawling various Microsoft ''support' sites and not being able to report this (major?) fault with a series of updates, I come here to plead for help. How do I resore my original driver and desktop setup. Bad news is that System Restore does not work for me - I tried twice with different dates and each time, at the very end, it said one file was missing (different file each time)... very frustrating.
Please help... much appreciated.
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  1. Go to and enter in your service tag along with your operating system. There you should find the video driver you may of had before.
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