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Hello, i've recently built a new computer, first time, and im having sort of a problem downloading windows. I have the full version bought straight from newegg.com was not a dl copy ( i hope :) )
and it wont dl properly. Im pretty sure i have all my stuff plugged in right and working properly. Ive tried numerous things like wiping the hard drive, switching the hard drive, trying a different dvd/cd drive, restarting over and over. Please help, and talk in english plz im not to good at the computer language talk.

hers my specs.

MB asus|f2a86-m pro a86 fm2 R

VGA asus|hd7770=2gd5 hd7770 2g R

CPU AMD|a10=5800k 3.8g fm fm2 R

mem 4gx3| Crucial Bls2kit4g3d1339ds1

MS win 7 pro sp1 64=bit 1pk - oem

850w power supply and 1 Tera of Harddrive.
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  1. what installation media you using? from a disk or?
  2. ummm, i might have forgot that part. If you dont mind is there a way i can dl media file from another computer onto a disk/ or portable and do it that way or will i need to buy another part?
  3. Well that is fantastic, thanks soda. I didn't know they could do that (legally), which is a huge relief because a friend of mine lost his disks (still has the key though). Anyway, thanks.
  4. This problem is either because you are not being patient enough (give it a long time to start say a quarter of an hour) or you have memory problems. Run memtest8 for at least three passes to test your memory. You should always do a memory test on a new build anyway.
  5. to the op microsoft if you have the cd or the iso has a iso to usb maker tool. also before you install windows on your system make sure your mb has all of the bios patches installed.
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