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I have an Amd Duron 800. Its not overclocked I dont think... wWat should the clock speed setting be? The main question is what temperature is safe for it to be showing in the bios. It currently runs around 72 degrees after some time/gaming. Is this too high or is it safe for this processor? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Celsius/Centrigrade or Fahrenheit?

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  2. Sorry it's 72 degrees Celsius.
  3. thats border line insanity!

    look into a better heatsink and fan and possibly a better case maybe.

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  4. Your lucky that it still run....the normal temp. for this cpu is around 50c...verify that your heatsink fan is sitted correctly.

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  5. Well I found one page on the net that said the max for this cpu was 90. And I also took off the heatsink and felt the chip and it was warm to the touch but not burning hot. I have ordered a better cpu fan and one for the front of the case that should help. This being to hot would be the reason I am having lockups and crashes correct? Thanks again for the info.
  6. Oh my god! <b>NEVER</b> take off the HSF and feel the chip!

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  7. oh dear, does it still work ?
    anyway, 90C is the max core temp, the temp you measure isnt that, either way, 70 is high, very high, as the hsf on properly? did you use thermal compound of any kind ?, double check that the cpu IS a 800 (please turn off before checking) and also check the voltage

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  8. --begin serious mode--
    That sounds a bit warm but still well below spec. You don't really have much room for overclocking but you're in NO DANGER of burning your cpu out the way things stand.
    --end serious mode--

    Don't take off the heatsink and touch the core. But if you do by all means do it while it's running and be sure to rub your rubber soled shoes on the carpet for a few minutes first. If it is hot enough to burn your finger throw a shotglass of water on it to cool it off. Bacardi 151 works well for cooling too.
  9. With enough Bacardi 151 it doesn't matter what your temp is because you won't even be able to find your computer. :)

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  10. How many posts did it take to become a <i>Forum Fixture</i>?.

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  11. It's rather nice, sweet, reasonably fast and silent in a single drive configuration; but I would strongly advice against using it in RAID setups. I've only got one drive, so I'm not affected, but I've heard about a lot of people having problems in RAID. The widely used integrated HPT370 RAID controller for sure gives bad performance together with Cuda IV, but I've also heard about other controllers which doesn't work properly.


    <b><i>Seagate Barracuda IV.
    Bad performance in RAID setups!
  12. No, unfortunately not.

    Sounds like your system is ready to go on pension. :smile:


    <b><i>Seagate Barracuda IV.
    Bad performance in RAID setups!
  13. I've run my Duron 800 without a HSF and it still works. Those things are hard to kill. HOWEVER, stability is another issue at that temperature. You definitely want to mount a good HSF on there using Arctic Silver II paste. You also want to make sure you have enough airflow through the case. Make sure you've got at least 2 case fans: Intake in the front/bottom, and outtake in the back/top.

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  14. I put in another case fan and used some thermal paste I now have the temperature down to 60 is this ok or do I need to get another cpu fan?
  15. still 60, kind of high for me. I think it should be around 50. Not sure, I am using P3, it is between 48 - 50.
  16. There was an explanation posted from Seagate's tech support a while back. Apparently when used in RAID 0, the hard drives' rotation is out of sync, so a lot of times the drive has to make another rotation to get back to the data.

    It was something like that, at least. You could probably find the post by searching in the HDD forum if you were interested.

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  17. It still kinda high, especially for a low clocked Duron. Where are you getting those readings ? In the BIOS ? Also, try setting the cpu mulitplier to "default". It could just be an overclocked cpu, but even my old overclocked Duron 600@933 wouldnt run that hot without feeding it like 1.9v. Speaking of which, check your cpu core voltage. I think it should be something like 1.6v, but someone correct me if Im wrong. If its set for 1.85v, your heating it for no good reason, since you're (probably) not overclocking.

    Either way, if its stable, 60°C is suspiciously high, but not dangerous.

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  18. If you guys think that's bad, my brothers old Celeron 466 Mhz runs 69-70 degress idle (It doesnt' have a celeron heatsink/a small crappy hetsink +fan combo).

    My Duron 850 mHz runs at 39-40 degress idle (volcano II HSF), so temp is cool. Not sure when gaming, I have no program in windows that monitors my cpu, any recommendations?
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  20. Quote:
    And I also took off the heatsink and felt the chip and it was warm to the touch but not burning hot.


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