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Driver Dilemma

Last response: in Applications
February 5, 2003 7:59:35 AM

Hi, I own an ASUS A7PRO Mobo and a ASUS GF2MX400, and I was wondering if I should use the latest drivers from the ASUS website or the drivers provided by the VIA and Nvidia websites respectively ? and could someone explain the difference (if any) between the drivers ?

On another note, my A7PRO's BIOS is outdated and I was wondering if it is worth the risk to upgrade it to the latest version. (I have never flashed a BIOS before, but I have read the risks associated with it)

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February 7, 2003 7:39:35 PM

Update from Nvidia, the differences is the others can be out dated. If you loaded the drivers from the CD and you have any special software running for the card that maybe affected, I don’t know for sure since I don’t use any software from the disk.

As for updating your BIOS, it’s the only way to keep current. Or if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. You can see what the update is supposed to do and take it from there. Updating the BIOS isn’t all that bad, but if you haven’t done it before it can be a little nerve racking. It can go smooth as silk, or make you think you screwed something up, and in fact you could kill your BIOS. I thought I killed the BIOS once, it was only going to cost $15. for a new BIOS. Luckily I got it figured out and the BIOS was ok. If you do it, just read your mobo manual carefully and you should be ok.

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