Flashing BIOS on Aspire 6920G

I've been trying to flash the latest version of BIOS on my Aspire 6920G. Currently I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, and the utility that comes from the Acer download site is only 32 bit compatible. I've managed to get a 64 bit version of the program, Winphlash64, but when trying to flash the BIOS i get this error message:

BIOS update failed! Image verification failed.
Required device or platform function is not present.
Error code: -142.

I've been searching the internet for hours for any help on this matter without any succes. I need to update the BIOS because of the thorttling issue on this laptop which the BIOS is supposed to fix.
If anyone could help please do so. Thanks!
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  1. Simply update using the software that Acer provided. Your lucky your computer didn't crash permanently...
    Acer and other manufacturers tailor fit the drivers to work right with the hardware... They do I bit more then you think with them... it's not... buying the hardware and putting it together, then stamping it and shipping it.. They install things, they tweak things...

    Unless you've heard people having issues flashing with the "32 bit version" then you should be worried..
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