Dell monitor *power save mode*

my dell monitor says its in *power save mode* yet with dual screen on i can move my mouse to it even though the screen is black.

i'm using an hd 7770 and a 550w psu if that makes any difference.

it is an old monitor but has been known to work before

does not work if i unplug the other monitor and try using just it.
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  1. Hmm have you tried changing the ports/cables? Try plugging the monitor back into the integrated graphics and see what happens. Sometimes its a weird driver issue.
  2. i don't have integrated graphics, and i the other problem is i don't have another computer to test this with.
  3. Dell Monitor goes into powersave mode for some strange reason? - FIX: Unplug EVERYTHING - Open the Computer case - Blow out all the dust in the inside (the Chip Fan, The Graphics card fan, The Power fan, The vents - Everyplace you see or dont see DUST. Re assemble and problems should be solved. The cause is most likely OVERHEATING of the Graphics Card GPU or the CPU on the mother board.
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