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I have a P4 2.0A, I am using the stockheatsink fan that came with the P4 1.5. Since I got the northwood oem. The current tempurature on my ABIT board running under XP while typing this message is 113 degrees F (45C) on average. Now my P4 1.5 used to average around 99 degrees F so the Northwood gets much hotter than the P4 1.5, I figured with a die shrink less voltage that it would be cooler even at a higher clockspeed.
Fan Speed is ay 2700 but it spins faster if cpu gets hotter assuming the TH7II does this. Just wish they made better monitoring untility like asus does. heh.

Or is this normal ?
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  1. I wouldn't worry, 45C is just fine for any processor. Monitoring is not perfectly accurate always anyway.

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  2. That temp isn't bad, especially considering you're using a stock HSF from an older processor. I get about the same temps on my old T-bird with a GlobalWin FOP32.

    The P4 2.0A and the P4 1.5GHz are both rated to draw about the same amount of power, but the P4 2.0A core has rather less surface area through which to dissipate heat (IHS or not). So it's not surprising that the Northwood is running rather warmer.

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  3. I've got a P4 2.0A on an Abit TH7II as well, running at about the same temperatures. Seems to be fine then, although I am considering removing the Intel thermal pad, and replacing it with a quality thermal paste to get the temperature down a bit

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  4. yeah I get constant temps of 45C on my 2.0a and have also been considering replacing the black retail gunk with some asIII


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  5. my northwood 2A runs at less than 40C because asus probe cant detect cpu temps lower than 40C (my asus probe seems to have that problem....eitherway...temps are relatively low) temps stay below 40C because no matter what i do with my stays at 40C...the only time it went over 40C was when i opened the side of my case and put a heater next to it because i wanted to seem if the temps max out at 49C when i was running the stability test.
    but im using thermaltakes P4 volcano 478...not the stock fan....

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  6. Quote:
    Just wish they made better monitoring untility like asus does. heh.

    Trust me, no you don't. Asus Probe (or Anal Probe like some here call it) is the worst. It readings can be off 10-15 deg and everybody who bought one of their boards the past year or so thought their CPU was overheating until they found out otherwise.

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  7. Definitely clean off the gunk and go with the artic silver. The gunk is only a one time use thing too. So once it has been heated if the hsf is removed you don't want to re-use it(or so i've read).

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  8. bear in mind that the temp inside the case also plays a big part in determining the cpu temp.
    the warmer less ventilated the case, the warmer the cpu.

    for all modern CPU's i reccomend at least 1 casefan, in the rear, with good draw, to remove the hot air.

    P.S. analprobe sucks

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  9. Wow I forgot I posted this, I don't use an asus board, I been using an abit board since I posted the message.

    One thing I did notice with the abit board is if you use 66mhz fixed the machine won't boot time to time, even got a bsod once. Since I switched it back to the normal setting, I haven't had one problem at all.
  10. How can your stock fan do that throttling?
    I thought only Volcano 7s did that...

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  11. I don't remember this was around 3 months ago. I no longer use an asus board. everything is running fine now.
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