Horrible freezing problems following Microsoft Office 2010 uninstall.

Urgent help needed, college dissertations need to be done :/

Laptop - Compaq Presario CQ61
OS - Windows 7 x32

My laptop has come into difficulty. I used a legit copy of Microsoft Office 2007 all along until a family member got 2010 with a new laptop. Presuming that this copy like many others could be used multiple times I installed 2010, the code didn't validate as it was already registered to a device, which I thought was fair enough. Until I realised that downgrading wasn't straightforward. I uninstalled 2010, and attempted to reinstall 2007. Just before the install finished the laptop froze, very uncharacteristic. Since then the fun has started. I have operated the laptop in Safe Mode and its ok, but in normal operation, it freezes. I can't really compromise, I really need Office! I have cleaned my registry with CCleaner and ran a Malware check just in case, and the problem is still occurring. System restore yielded no results either but it didn't seem very successful. I don't torrent or use...."inappropriate" sites, I keep the laptop in good condition, there is hardly anything on it as I use an external hard drive. The only other thing that I use is recording programmes, such as Cockos Reaper which uses hardly any RAM.

Thank you for any help you can give guys.
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  1. did you try your windows 7 repair from the disc ?
  2. I don't know if I have a disk if Im honest
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