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Just bought a new system AMD 1800xp with a Geforce TI500 card in it.
Question is why does my system sound like a jet is taking off. could it be the processor fan and would the noise level be the same with and intel processor. I love the system but I can barely talk on the phone with it running.
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  1. What is your CPU fan?

    You can try lubricating your fans in your case, sometimes that quiets them down quite a bit.

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  2. What processor fan did you buy for it? You can't blame your purcheses on AMD, you know :wink:

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  3. My first ever double post! w00t!

    I can't believe I went close to 8000 posts before getting my first double.

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  4. Yeah it would be a lot more silent with an Intel CPU, go buy one, don't even need a fan on it but it will be a tad slower than a 486. :)

    No joke, you can try intel with a nice silent fan. In my box it's the powersupply making the sound of a F-16 powering up for take off, the other 5 fans you can't even notice. :D

    Make sure it's the CPU fan before spending money and realizing it that it's something else.

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  5. You just need a better heatsink and a quieter fan on your CPU.
    I'm using a Swiftech MCX462 heatsink with a Zalman 80mm ultra-quiet fan. It provides enough cooling to keep my 1600+ under 60 degrees on a 40 degree day, and you have to strain to hear it.

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