amd 1.4 or xp

should I buy a AMD 1.4 or a AMD XP1800 for $100 more
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  1. between the two, I'd get the 1800

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  2. why not go with an xp1600, it'll perform better than the 1.4 and costs $5-10 more i got that goin' for me
  3. yeh the XP1600 is a great cpu, overclocks beautifully too... the 1800 is a bit nicer but not worth $100 more, go for the 1600

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  4. Agreed.. If you can stay away from the 1.4 and get the XP.
    The 1600+ is 1.4 Ghz but runs much better (better performance and cooler)than the T-bird core.

    "Intel people buy their computers to learn. AMD people build theirs because they already have."
  5. Guys like you should be reading reviews more often. If you are upgrading it shouldn't hurt to invest a half hour to read some reviews to get the picture which CPU performs better. Not only that, you would get some basic understanding for which CPU + motherboard combo you should use.
    Anyway, Athlon XP 1800.
  6. The 1.4 runs mighty hot. I've got one, and the additional cost of getting a silent and yet powerfull enough HSF (swiftech+pabst for me) will cost you more than an XP1600 or 1700 that run considerably cooler. Also, the SSE support might come in very handy, depending on what apps you run. I'd go for an XP either way. Pick your clockspeed depending on your budget.

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  7. Reviews are ok but hearing it from the horses mouth is always better. People who are using these chips can give you a whole lot more insight than a review.

  8. true-
    but, a little while back ecs's k7s5a was all the rage. i got it and after 2 boards and still not being satisfied, i went and got a different board.

    [insert philosophical statement here]
  9. I m sorry But I dont know where you looking to get a cpu. Most I see is a $40 More for the athlon 1800 Ok the 1900 would be about $100 More.
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