How to check system uptime in win2000

I know this can be done in Win95 and 98 by going to system info, but in Win2k this isn't so. In WinXP it can be seen by going to a command prompt and typing "system info"

How can I tell how long a computer with Windows 2000 Pro has been turned on?

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  1. uptime

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  2. Yeah, uptime. It's how long your computer has been turned on, or into windows anyway

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  3. I found it once but don't remember where it is. Now I just use SiSoft Sandra and its under windows information.

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  4. like... ummmmm.... I don't think you got what I said.

    open up a DOS window, and type:


    It's actually the name of the utility. i kid you not. That will give you what you want. Get it?

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  5. Ah, I thought you were asking what it meant. It was so simple, it was difficult.

    Thanks a bunch

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  6. I opened up a command prompt window on my 2000 computer and typed "uptime" and got:

    'uptime' is not recognized as an
    operable program or batch file.

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  7. I don't have this on any of my systems either. Is this something that needs to be manually pulled off the CD?
  8. i downloaded a small program called, strangely enough "uptime.exe" sits in your task tray, and u can have it somewhere on your desktop. It also can keep track if you hibernate your system too.

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  9. Open up task manager (ctrl-alt-del -> task manager or right-click task bar -> task manager). The cpu time of system idle process.

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  10. oh yeah - I forgot. It's on the 2K resource kit.

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  11. Another problem bites the dust

    ...bmm bmm bmm, another one bites the dust...

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  12. groovey tune man!

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  13. Hi from any of the Windows server 2003 system - go to command prompt and type the below command.

    systeminof /S System (where system is remote windows 2000 server FQDN name)

    you will get the system information of the remote windows 2000 server.
  14. Sorry type mistake

    systeminfo /S System (where system is remote windows 2000 server FQDN name)
  15. Instead of that you may use
    "net statistics server" command on the Windows 2000 box.

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