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I have a quick question. As i gamer, i usually install alot of games on my pc. Like crysis, aliens vs predator, and so on. I notice that every time i install something, my computers registry size increases. My question is, if the registry size gets bigger, will it slow down my pc, and give me less frames per second due to a large registry? I already use tones of software to speed up my pc like tuneup, advanced system optimzer, advanced systemcare, ccleaner, and so on. Also how can i decrease my registry size, i already defrag it, and clean it up.
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  1. This is a free registry defrag tool.
    Just as defragging a hard drive, defragging the registry performs the same benefit.
  2. no thats no what i meant, i also use uniblue, but my real question was does large registry affect gaming performance, and fps?
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