Truest color lap top screen

I am an artist shopping for my first laptop. I must have accurate color for photos and I do not a have an Apple budget.
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  1. The problem is all laptops use TN panel for their screens. The only exception that I know of (I researched this issue last year) are the HP "DreamColor" laptops which comes with IPS panels. That's the HP EliteBook 8000 Series and they started at about $2,100 for the "DreamColor" option.

    Not only do the "DreamColor" laptops come with IPS panels, they also have LED-RGB backlight instead of the typical WLED (or simply LED) backlight which is just blue LED with a yellow phosphorous coating to imitate white. LED-RGB makes use of Red, Green and Blue LEDs to create true white. It's also a rather expensive technology.
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