Instaling Windows 7 OEM

Is Windows 7 OEM is bound to hardware (CPU and Motherboard) when it's instaled, so It will not activate (won't be genuine) if I will install on new hardware?

I'm planning to buy new computer with OEM windows and later change this components: Motherboard, CPU, SSD, and RAM , using OEM Windows previously installed in first hardware.

So will windows be activated/genuine?
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  1. I haven't done too much research, but I think you can change 6 parts before it becomes used, But if you change your motherboard it will become useless... Don't know if this is 100% true but maybe someone can correct me :)
  2. waltteri151: I think the 6 parts thing was true for older versions of Windows. I think with 7 you can change an unlimited number of parts, EXCEPT for the motherboard.

    So I think you are right vladistrelka you won't be able to transfer the license if you activate.

    More explanations can be found here:,d.dmQ
  3. Yes, the OEM version gets tied to your hardware. I doubt it will activate again after changing so much hardware - but sometimes you get lucky.

    The retail version can be moved as long as its not installed on more than one machine at any given time.

    Personally, I wouldn't take the risk.
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