Another system evaluation!

I'm buying actually a new system because I can't stand my old P2 350Mhz! I would like to know what you think of it! Is there a piece that you have a bad experience with?

AMD OEM Athlon XP 1800+
ATI Radeon 8500
Logitech Z560 5-PIECE THX Surround Speaker System
Epox EP-8KHA+ VIA Socket A motherboard ATX
Maxtor 7200RPM 40 Gig Hard Drive
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Audigy X-Gamer
LG 16X10X40 IDE CD-ReWriter
Logitech Optical PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse
DDR-RAM Crucial 256MB Premium PC2100 - 266 (life)
Antec KS282 Tower 300W ATX Case
Sony 16X IDE Tray Load DVD OEM
Thermaltake Volcano VII Socket 462 / 370 HSF
3.5" Panasonic Floppy Drive
2 Cases Fan: Thermaltake 37CFM 80mm 3 pin

For Intel fans, no I won't change the AMD CPU!
Thanks for your advices!
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  1. Make sure you get the Logitech optical mouse with two cameras instead of one. It will perform a lot better. I had the wireless one with one camera and I finally gave up on it.

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  2. Looks good to me, just make sure you use Arctic Silver II for you thermal paste, and make sure you get the retail Radeon 8500 (the OEM version is underclocked).
    Are you buying a monitor, or just using one you already have?

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  3. What are you talking about?
    My Linux Box running a PII 233 @ 350 does EVERYTHING I want but gaming! Of course you can't say that if you have Windoze running on it!

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  4. I already have a ViewSonic E771 (17'') that do quite a good job so I won't change it. By the way, for everyone that would read that, never, I repeat _NEVER_ buy a Scepter monitor! I _changed_ it (not repaired!!!) 3 times before getting a ViewSonic from the saleman! It is the worst crap I ever seen!!!! I ordered that thermal paste too.

    Thanks for your advice!

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  5. I upgraded my P3 550 because it wasn't fast enough in one single program - Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Of course, I play that game for 6 hours a day (on average). Ahh the life of a uni student. :lol:

    "Ignorance is bliss, but I tend to get screwed over."
  6. This is the problem. I do programming AND gaming, so...

    AMD vs Intel : the misinformation war! :tongue:
  7. In that case....what do yo plan on doing with your old system?
    Me interested.

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  8. Sorry, but I already promised it to my parents. They don't have any computer for now!

    AMD vs Intel : the misinformation war! :tongue:
  9. jesh... i wish my uni schedule provided time for that...

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