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I finally switched over from win 98 to xp and wow what a change. I was surprised that there were no problems whatso ever during installation. Since everything is so messed up compared to win98 I have a few questions. I tried installing an old modem but it didn't work so how do I unistall the damn thing??? It keeps on appearing down on my tray. When I try to shut off my computer I get a blue screen and it restarts instead of shutting off. The problem is the screen is on there for just a few seconds and I can't read what it says. Any suggestions???Last question, what are the service packs and will the 2nd one come out in the huge file like the first one? I have a dial-up so it would take forever to download. Thanks a lot for all the help!!
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  1. Sometimes hardware/drivers don't want to be uninstalled.

    You might have to reinstall XP.

  2. If your modem driver has an entry in <b>Add or Remove programs</b> (Control Panel), you can uninstall it there.
    Otherwise, you can stop it from being loaded (appears on your system tray) by using <b>msconfig</b> (Startup tab) tool or edit Registry (using Regedit) which usually from <b><font color=red>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run</b></font color=red>.

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  3. Thanks for the help, seems I can't remove the modem.Oh well it doesn't affect anything. What about being able to pause the screen when I try to shut down? I want to figure out on how to fix the blue screen.
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