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Good Morning All,
Have been doing some internet research on the subject but I just can't find an exact match for what I'm looking for. Hoping you guys can help. Seems most of the time I'm researching something, the answer always comes from here anyway.

In the last year I bought a PC with Windows 7 (64bit) that I never had before. I disabled Windows 7 firewall just because I've always used Comodo Free version and never had problems with that setup in the past.

Not sure if you need the specs but its an ASUS CM1740 Series with AMD A8-3800 APU w/Radeon HD Graphics 2.40ghz processor and 8 Gig's Ram. I'm also using Firefox 18.0.1. I never use Internet Explorer if that helps any.

Lately I've been reading how great the Windows 7 firewall is by itself and have read that I probably don't even need a 3rd party firewall because it's so good, BUT, and from what I've been reading, this is a big BUT, I'm not using a router and have no intention of getting one. I'm using the high speed modem I received from Time Warner.

Now the question. Do I really need a 3rd party firewall program running if I have Windows 7? I can easily enable the firewall again and uninstall Comodo. Or should I leave Comodo running with Windows 7 firewall disabled if I have no intention of purchasing a router? Mainly looking to uninstall Comodo if I really don't need it. Looks like the Windows 7 firewall is MUCH better from past Windows version's firewalls from what I've read. Or should I even run Comodo, and turn back on the Windows 7 firewall? I just disabled it because I've read of conflicts with both running simultaneously.

Thanks in advance for any help you can be. I'm not a big techie so if you can dumb down your answers a hair, that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks for the great site and have a nice weekend!
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  1. The main difference between Windows Firewall and most popular third party firewalls is outbound protection. By default it is turned off in Windows. You an turn it on but you will have to manually specify every program you want to allow.

    With Comodo outbound protection is on by default. Instead of manually entering eveything, it will simply prompt you when a new application/process wants access. You can then decide whether to grant or deny and the rule is remembered.
  2. Thanks Casper, then I guess my next question is, if I don't mind manually specifying every program I want to allow, would Windows 7 firewall be enough protection by itself (no 3rd party firewall) and without me purchasing a router? I see many people saying Windows 7 firewall is just awesome BUT every one I see that says it's so great, also say it's great IN CONJUNCTION with having a router. I have no intention of purchasing a router.
  3. Yeah Windows firewall provides more than enough protection for your average user. I normally wouldn't suggest anything else unless in a business environment. Just adds unnecessary complications.

    I have never used them myself, but there are some popular tools to save you manually adding every outbound exception. Have a look at these and see what you think.
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