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I have Windows 7 SP1 and it is crashing endlessly with bsods. It has been fine but lately (2 days) it has gone bonkers with crash dumps claiming all types of errors with rdyboost, fltmgr, ntoskrnl, p17.sysntfs.sys, win32k.sys, ndis.sys etc. Cannot even log into safe mode sometimes. I had installed Acronis to recover another failing Hdd and Keyscrambler.
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  1. With the large variation of errors and the fact you can't get into safe mode - I would be very suspicious your RAM.

    Have you tried running Mem Test

    Best practice is to test each stick individually and for a good few hours. I normally leave it running overnight.
  2. Yup, Been there done that. Full test w/o any issues popping.
  3. Here are the hardware specs of my 4 year old rig-

    Intel Q8200 @ 2.60
    Intel DP45SG
    Corsair XMS1600 4x2gig

    Ati 4870 1gig (driving 1920x1080 and 1680x1050)
    Creative SB X-Fi Extreme audio
    Avermedia Tv-Radio tuner
    National Instruments 6035E

    CM 600W
    Hdd 320+320*+160+500+1000 (GB) *is about to die so installed acronis.
  4. Thank you but no nvidia here but I know that driver problem.
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    Heat? CPU fan working correctly? Dust buildup?
  6. Checked my hardware throughly, my (externally) installed temp sensors read normal. No hdd clicking, no smell of disaster, nothing at all. Board battery is new and a month ago I had reapplied the thermal paste on Cpu and Gpu.
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