Blue Screened while gaming, now infinite boot cycle. Please Help!

I was playing Skyrim, and out of no where, my computer spawns blue dots all over it and it froze.
Since it was unresponsive, I was left with no choice but to do a system reboot.
Unfortunately I cannot boot windows, because it restarts itself EVERY time.
I CAN boot in safe mode and I have tried numerous things:
Doing a system restore
Uninstalling some drivers
Checking for hardware issues
System Repair

And still, I cannot boot my computer normally. If it boots in safe mode, it must be a startup service no?
I thought it was my $400 graphics card, and I nearly cried
I do not want to do a full system reset...I have 300GB of data that I am UNABLE TO BACK UP (Because I have no external hard drive) and if I lose my data, I think I will just not use it anymore.
It is NOT bad memory, because it can boot in safe mode
It does not seem to be any hardware issues
I am doing a virus scan now to see if it is a virus cause this trouble

BTW in event viewer, it says it was a kernel error, if you would like I can try and give you details, but its a pain in the ass considering everything in safe mode looks effed up and the text windows do not format properly.

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  1. Did you trying using the sfc /scannow command in a command prompt while you were in safe mode?(it checks Windows file integrity). Also it doesn't hurt to check memory even if you think it's unlikely, give memtest a run and see if it picks up anything.

    Also if you can, run a HDD test using hirens boot CD: plus it's got a bunch of other diagnostic tools you could use possibily in the future.
  2. Well I am going to be away from my computer for a bit, but when I get to it, I will try your suggestions. (I am using a laptop elsewhere)
  3. if you have your system disc you can do a repair. it wouldn't be a bad idea to go to windows update once in a while.
  4. I did do a system repair!!!!!! But it failed!
    I have tried 3 times!!!
  5. missed the repair" thing. don't get nippy, but i understand.
    kernel error, mean missing data? if it doesn't repair maybe the hard drive. plug it into another sata port. maybe boot in safe mode. do a disc repair/recovery? bad sectors?
  6. Sorry, I did not mean to sound mean. Just a little stressed is all
  7. Sorry for the lack of responses, I am still away from my desktop (I am in PA for the weekend) Once I am back in NY I will try the suggested methods
  8. Okay so I have tried everyone's suggestions.
    The problem was not my memory nor my hard drive.
    So I reinstalled windows on the same hard drive and it worked fine!
    HOWEVER, when I installed my graphics card drivers it started doing it again!
    I tried 3 different drivers all with the same result..../

    So the problem is my graphics card....
    However, it works on standard resolution, so it must be that it cannot handle 1900x1080 anymore?
    Is it a bad PCIex16?
    Maybe something wrong with the power supply?
    My graphics card is a gtx 670 ftw 4gb.... any info on this strange problem would be great...
  9. list all hardware.
  10. intel i7 3770k
    Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard
    GTX 670 FTW Edition 4GB VRAM
    Western Digital 1TB Harddrive Green
    24GB DDR3 1333 G.SKILLS RAM
    600w OCZ StealthSteam Power Supply
    Wifi GO Adapter
    Mid Tower Case NZXT Phantom

    Bear in mind that everything was working perfectly until last week, so it's possible it is a hardware failure....I guess it is the motherboard, because I can still get image from the gtx 670
  11. card could be toast. you have the over clocked version. try under clocking the video cards memory and processor. what happens?

    also, i would try disabling driver updates and windows auto updates. then I would uninstall the card from the device manager, reboot, and then go to windows update after the card is found, nowhere else. then see what happens. ( don't install drivers from anywhere else. )
  12. Hey I think I have figured out the problem...My card is fine, it was the motherboard. More specifically the PCIex16 port must have been damaged some how.
    I put in my new 850w modular plus gold Raidmax power supply and put the card in the other port. I booted up with the drivers installed and it works great!
    However....this ruins my chances of future sli I planning, I got the power supply I installed for that...
    Is there a way to fix the port, or will I have to but a whole other motherboard...?
  13. EDIT: Nevermind, It started doing it again...
    Probably the card, although it only does this with the drivers installed, I can use it without it, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the damn graphics card....DAMMIT
    $450 down the drain
  14. You've tried using integrated graphics? See if that fixes the problem?
  15. its the board
    strangely so, i have a similar problem and at times the board stops detecting my main HDD. i
    have already replaced 2 HDDs in the impression they were faulty.
    but now when i searched for a solution on google
    i finf many people having problems with this board =/
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