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I need some information on networking 2 computers together one with windows 98 the other a newer Computer with windows XP , the newer computer is just out of the box and already has the 10/100 card installed from the factory the older one will have an add on card in it,first I need to know if the windows XP and the Windows 98 operating systems will be compatible to network together and if so is there a good brand of card to buy for the older system that will have the right drivers for the XP system I have read that XP system is not exactly compatible with everything.I am doing this mainly for the internet sharing feature.Thanks all replys welcome.
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  1. You can network teh Windows 98 and Windows XP togather and 3com makes great NIC.
  2. Quote:
    I have read that XP system is not exactly compatible with everything

    THis is a common misconception due to the fact that XP no longer is a 9X OS, i.e. has no DOS underneath it. It is truly NT. But having worked with NT for years I dare say it is MORE compatible with everything than 9X ever was. You shouldn't have a problem.

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  3. you will have no problems at all, XP is VERY easy to set up for a peer to peer network, will have no problems seing the 98 box, just bear in mind though, if you are going DIRECT from pc to pc with the rj45 cable (as against using a hub), you will need a crossover cable.

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