How does one Overclock a Pentium 4 NW???

How does one OC a NW with air cooling? The Multiplier is locked, so the only way would be the FSB. If I OC the FSB then wouldn't I have to either lower or raise the clock of the PCI, RAM and AGP bus? I have heard that there are some MBs that are FSB independent. If there are, how would one OC?


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  1. The most important component to any overclocking venture is your motherboard. What motherboard do you have?


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  2. I just put together a system yesterday based on a p-4 NW 2ghz, 512 mb kingmax pc 2700 on a soyo p4s dragon ultra mainboard. This board supports variable dividers and I have the ram set to 167mhz X2 = 334, and the cpu bus at 100mhz .. I can lower the divider for the ram and run it at a conservative OC of 2.2ghz with the ram at around 144mhz ( at work now so I can't check for sure the numbers on the ram
    I booted and ran fine this way but a note of caution .. at least on my board .. with the cpu set to 100 and the ram to 334(stock settings) I cannot set any of the memory settings to an aggressive level..(5t, cas 2-2-2 etc) the machine reboots, won't start and all kinds of problems, I suspect bad ram but not sure yet. Might just be the limitations of this type of ram
    I believe the Iwill mainboard for pc 2700 and 428 pin p-IV's also has discrete buss settings

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  3. I was left with a dry taste in my mouth after playing with the SiS645 mobo, I was not able to overclock very high and the Vcore adjustments did nothing. Give it more Vcore voltage and try for stability on your board. a 2A can take up to 1.65v on the core with stock cooling. You can try more if your board supports it. I doubt you can hurt your Northwood trying higher speed and voltages as I have had my NW up to 1.75vcore 2.8Ghz with sunflower HSF on a P4B266.

    I couldnt run with stability at 2300Mhz on a Northwood 2A/SiS645, it was a very poor overclocking board. The only good thing about the SiS645 is the ram performance, almost on par with RDR PC600.

    I deleted my SiS645 scores from madonion, as well as my P4X266 (no vcore adjustments) scores. both chipsets were poor in overclocking.

    Try putting "ramsinks" on your DDR ram.
    Try more vcore
    Try increasing your ram voltage (some mobos have this option like the P4B266)

    Your CPU should hit 2.6Ghz with ease on stock HSF. But your mobo may be holding you back.

    I didnt finish loading my TH7-II last night, but I believe that it is the best overclockers board, next best would be the P4B266 and its over volting options (RDR beats DDR ram without a doubt no 10k score on I845D @ 2.7xGhz).

    P4T-E is very stable board, overclocks decently. maxes at 1.65vcore. no RDR voltage increasing.
  4. Thanks Fugger .. I believe it is the ram holding me back as the cpu seems stable at higher fsb speeds.. I will try upping the ram voltage etc as you suggest .. I'm really ,more interested in tweaking the ram timings than the cpu clock as I see greater gains in games etc with the ram maxxed out. So far I too am pretty unimpressed with this board except for the sandra mem scores ( you are right they are close to rd600) less impressive is the onboard sound and for some reason, even tho' win 98se sees my usb ms-prec. pro stick ok Aces High recognizes it butis unresponsive.. same stick on my pee-3 800 eb (815ep) works just fine ... go figger


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  5. Fugger, I have one question. Where do you get all these motherboards and systems? Are they all yours or they your friends' system that you built. I'm impressed by the number of tests you perform on different systems.

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  6. Remember he's a...can't remember the title, but a hardware junkie for SGI. Lots of companies send them (him) products to test out, hoping to get large contracts.

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  7. fugger works at some kind of corporation (i believe) and i doubt he is the one purchasing the boards (his company does).

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  8. "System Integrator" i think...
    the title is far more outstanding then the actual job...
  9. Four things:

    1. What are variable dividers
    2. What are the differences in the RAM speeds (i.e. 2-2-2-5)
    3. Is there really a difference between RAM speeds (i.e. 5ns) or are they all misleading?
    4. How would one OC on the TH7, and how does one OC the RAM?


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  10. 1. I partially explained this <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>, for your reference. If there's anything that wasn't answered there, let me know.

    2. Let's change that to "a-b-c-d/e" to make it easier. A is the CAS (Column Access Strobe) latency, C is RAS (Random Access Strobe?) latency, and B is CAS-to-RAS latency. The D/E I'm not sure about, perhaps read/write turnaround times? For all numbers, lower is better. Not all BIOSes allow all those numbers to be adjusted. My RAM is currently set at 2-2-2-5/7, which is the lowest. Default for generic RAM is 3-3-3-7/9, I believe.

    3. The ns (nanosecond) rating is not an actual speed, but a rating of how high the memory could potentially clock to. I can't remember the equation for finding out what that is, but I remember it being really simple. Apparently not simple enough for me to remember, however :wink:

    4. By changing the clock speeds of the device you wish to overclock. Refer to your owner's manual for where in the BIOS those settings are.

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  11. What he said ( FatBurger) lol


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  12. Im an Advanced Systems Integrator for SGI, I do allot of compatability testing, training, very little field service work unless it requires my expertise with networking or phasing out older servers, and sometimes specing out a installation. I enjoy visiting JPL labs, gvt and nasa labs. Ever seen a "scramjet" or "defense satallite"? I have.

    Like fatburger said, any company that I approach as a system builder bends over backwards to assist me in any way.
    Most everything I get is a "sample", I sometimes buy products to get them in a timely manner.

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  13. shame about the SiS645
    i hope the poor overclocking doesnt carry over to the SiS745 for amd, cauz im looking at that as a possible upgrade option.

    The lack of thermal protection on Athlon's is cunning way to stop morons from using AMD. :)
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