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Okay, so I am relatively new in the field of laptop maintenance and repair, but the other week I managed to swap out HDD's in my Sager without any assistance or issues. The differences between Laptops and Desktops just seems to be hardware placement and accessibility.

My question is where can I buy GPUs, CPUs, and Mobos for Laptops to have infinite customizability for my laptop? I don't want to have to buy a new laptop every few years if I can just buy new parts for cheaper and upgrade my existing laptop.

Thanks for any answers you can give me.
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  1. I think your sager may have mxm graphics card which can be changed, can you confirm that? If you looked into laptop upgrade you find cpu are easy to find and graphics upgrade are slightly more difficult but the major challenge for laptop is the mobo because they not compatible between models.

    mxm gpu:

    laptop cpu are easier on newegg

    IMO it is not worth upgrading. I rather use it until it is old and buy a new one because no mobo upgrade.
  2. Ah, alright. Thanks for the input. I don't think it has mxm, but I'll check. Is there any way to check without opening it up?
  3. Not sure if you can read it software because I only check if they are mxm by opening it. :)
  4. Okay. I will check when I get home.

    Are LCD's normally universal? If I have a 17" LCD on my computer and I want to swap it out, can I use any old 17"? Or do I have to buy specifically from Sager?
  5. No, they are not compatible. You have to find the screen for your sager.
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