Can't update Adobe Flash ordinal 459 not found?

I download it from their website and instantly "The ordinal 459 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon.dll." Google isn't turning anything up, I'd uninstall my current version and try that, but I'm afraid that it still won't work and then I'll be stuck without any Flash Player at all? Any ideas? I've run a registry cleaner already but didn't fix it.
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  1. hi. Go to their website and download their flash uninstaller. Uninstall flash using that and then download and install the latest version
  2. ok I will do that, I was afraid that I'd uninstall it, then get the same problem when I was trying to reinstall it.
  3. ran the uninstaller, rebooted, try to install it, same ordinal problem.
  4. Ran a system restore, so now I have the older version again. Next time it tells me to update I'll tell it not to remind me again and just forget about it.
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