Removing Laptop Battery at Desk

So my wife is using a ASUS Laptop:
Triple Core AMD
5270 Internal ATI Graphics
4 gig Ram

Its for her to do some light gaming on. It also has a 19" screen on it.

With these stas we knew the battery life would be pretty short.. (its to be expected).

So my question is this, Since this is used for gaming and doesn't move very often. What is the Pro's/Con's of Leaving the battery out while she has it plugged in sitting at her desk? It might move rooms twice a week at most so it's not a inconvenience.

Could i just drain the battery and leave it out for a while without harm?
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  1. For longish term storage of notebook batteries, leave them 30-40% charged and unplug them. The battery itself should be fine. Make sure its out of sunlight and the works.
  2. I don't use my battery for my IBM ThinkPad T40. I simply charged it to it maximum capacity then removed it.

    I'll also point out that the capacity of my battery has been cut in half during the approximately 5 - 6 months when my laptop (along with the battery) was plugged into the AC outlet. Technically speaking the battery should have electronics to prevent it from being overcharged and loose capacity like older NiCad rechargeable batteries. Therefore, I am guessing that heat killed my battery life since the battery would feel warm to the touch while connected to the laptop even with a full charge.
  3. I have a ASUS laptop and after 1.5 years of usage, the battery decrease its capacity by 7 percent (47300mWh to 4253mWh) and I regularly runs the laptop on battery at university and Adelaide in Australia is really hot in summer (can reach 45c). I guess you can just leave on the laptop.
  4. longer time will drained your battery.....
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