Laptop configuration for intensive tabbed browsing?

I work on the computer and on the internet (stock trader) and use a browser with 30+ tabs opened. Some of my tabs contain intra-day charts that update every 90 seconds. Other tabs may offer multi-media links, e.g., videos, to click. When I consider a new system/laptop, what components are most important for obtaining maximum performance while working with this intensive browsing? Often, after a couple of hours of working, my pages may not load leaving me with a blank white tab page, as well as seeing in Task Manager that my cpu useage is at or near 100%. Is this due to scripting errors, memory leaks, or...?
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  1. It's probably due to scripting errors rather than a lack of computing power - web browsing is a pretty easy thing for a computer to do. Just look for a machine with a decent amount of memory and 2 or 4 cores.
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