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I downloaded something I should not have downloaded in my email. I caused a screensaver to popup demanding $300. I rebooted into my other drive and ran AVG. It said if found NOTHING. I booted back into my other drive. After inputting my password to get into windows I do't get to destop there was a white screen staring at me with a mouse curser spinning around and eventually I was taken to a blank desktop with no icons and no start button. Just the windows backround. How do I get this thing off my machine and restore everything? :fou:
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  1. Try using to scan the drive. AVG misses a lot. Have you tried booting into safe mode? If you can, run msconfig and look at the start up tab. You may be able to identify what is screwing with your start up. If you can you can also see its location and try deleting it in the reg and prgm files. Last resort is to back up your data format and re-install. This is the best way to be sure your system is clean. These types of infections can be very hard to remove. Screen saver types usually are .scr file types. You may be able to find the bug in your windows system folder but there are legitimate files of this type also.
  2. I recomend re-formating and starting over again.
  3. also try using a hirem boot cd it has few anti virus scanner and a min xp boot if you need to get your data off the drive.
  4. After spending the last 4 hours of my day on this crap, I have managed to get my system back. I used system restore and then I did use malwarebytes. I don't know if it got it though. I deleted everything in my temporary files.

    At the moment, I can't get into my other hard drive though. It says missing or corrupt registry file. I used my Windows 7 repair disk and it did fix it once and I was able to get in. Then after I logged out of it, I could not get back in. This is really frustrating. Why doesn't the fix from the disk work? The repaid should hold after I logout of windows. What can I do to fix this? It's damn outrageous to think that I can't just fix it with this windows repair/installation disk. The thing takes at least 10 minutes to get to the screen where I can push the button to run the repair.
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