Hey guys, got a problem with a dv7 bought back in 2009.
We've had problems with it before, but not in the lat couple of months.
Now, here is a description of the problem..
Firstly, this problem was just first experienced 10 minutes ago when trying to power it on after coming home.
The laptop power button is pressed, the computer turns on. Nothing appears on the screen (for the whole time).
The computer's Caps Lock and Number Lock LEDs start to continually turn on and off.
The touchpad's disable button works, but the mute button button, and the wireless button are not working.
I'm assuming that the computer is not being able to boot... for some reason.. either that, or something is fried and the LED's reaction is a warning from the motherboard...

Basic problem summary:

Computer powered on, (using A/C Adapter)
Fan kicks in.
Fan turns off 3 seconds later.
Computer screen does not change throughout the whole time the PC is on.
The Keyboard lights start to turn on and off every couple of seconds.
I leave it on for awhile (60 seconds...)
Nothing changes..
Computer powered off (manually)

I've tried hooking up an external screen.. no luck.
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  1. If an external screen shows nothing, you have a serious hardware malfunction. Does the machine have an nvidia graphics chip? If so, try heat gunning the GPU. Otherwise, I'd breadboard it.
  2. It's an intergrated ATI HD 3200 chips...
    I think the mb is fried... but open to suggestions.

    ... If it ends up it is "finished", what would you guys do with the hardware if you were in my shoes? Scrap it?
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    Breadboard it first. See if some other hardware is causing the trouble.

    If the machine is worth saving to you, you can replace the board. If not, you can sell it, recycle it, whatever.
  4. I'm going to let another guy check it out. I'll know by tomorrow the results.

    In the end, if it's a dead laptop. Then, I'll keep it and try to learn whatever I can from it... maybe try to fix it on my own...
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